Where to sail and advantages of Skipper

Duplexity is based in Greece
Yacht base is 35 km SE of Athens airport (25 min by car/taxi). It's easier access from airport compare to Pireaus and at same time much better access to the Cyclade islands.
Trip planning
We have choosen the Cyclades since 2014, after sailing several seasons in Croatia and West part of Greece (Ionion Sea). The Cyclades is a great sailing area and you will also find a variation of islands from calm places, nice village with a lot of restaurants, to more of party spots and young people. At the booking and further on we can discuss where you want to sail but final planning will be when we know wind forecast at the time for your check in. We could offer an extended week with a few days which will give you a more favorable planning of your trip and oppurtunity to not sail every day. Just to give you a feeling of distance; from your start point it's 65 nm to Paros (if ø speed 10 kn = time 6.5 hours, 1 nm = 1.8 km), if good wind it's one day sailing but you should calculate with two days at least for return (nice island Kythnos in between). Elan 450 Performance is 10-30% faster than a charter cruiser (Bavaria, Jeanneau, Beneteau Oceanis) but even if we make 9+ knots most of the time in good conditions, you should calculate with lower average speed for your trip planning.
Fresh wind perfect for sailing
Wind conditions in the Cyclades various from calm to windy but most often a fresh wind perfect for sailing. The Cyclades have a wind called “Meltemi” which is blowing at 20-25 knots (10-12 m/s) and sometimes gusts of 30-35 knots (15-18 m/s), always from North and hold on about 1-3 days but sometimes for longer. Meltemi wind is more common from late July to beginning of September. At the same time; you don't have to fear Meltemi but it's an advantage if you have a skipper which knows the yacht and has experience to sail in the Cyclades. People most often say it's normally windy in the Cyclades which is quite pleasant as the temperature will be in the 30's centigrade and it's unusual to most often cruising by motor power. If compare with Croatia and western Greece you have both of these benefits.
Skipper included
Yacht rental of Duplexity includes skipper and you are sailing as paying crew, which means you will have an extra onboard, sleeping in saloon or in cockpit. At the same time advantages are:
Normally guests make the choice to sail at the sea and skipper take over when time for docking or anchoring. You will be active in both sailing and navigate.
When “the Meltemi” is blowing, it's no problem with an Elan 450 Performance and an experienced skipper; you could expect safe and a pleasurable sailing.
No navigation/sailing skills needed. And no requirement of an International Certificate of Competence (navigation) or VHF certificate. Skipper has required certificates.
You don’t need to worry about docking in strong wind and/or narrow harbours.
You will have the opportunity to planning your trip with advice from skipper and latest wind forecast.
Check in procedure will be shorter and you will have possibility to start sailing same day if you want.
You will have the opportunity to safely use large performance sails as Gennaker or Code 0 (when good conditions).
Skipper in action - some asistans in fresh wind (20 - 30 knots)