Terms & Conditions

General agreement
The rental fee includes yacht with its equipment and full insurance for the yacht and crew during the charter period.
The yacht can be used only after the payment has been settled latest at the first day in starting harbor.
No navigation/sailing skills needed. And no requirement of an International Certificate of Competence (navigation) or VHF certificate. Skipper has required certificates.
Onboard at Duplexity we have NO smoking policy. If you want smoking you need to email a request upon booking to make an exception agreement to smoke onboard.
In case of serious damage of the Yacht pre your rental period, meaning consequence that yacht cannot be chartered to you, you will receive full refund of your payment in a few days. We will then assist you to find another Yacht in the area. We have no other liabilities to you. And we will offer refund of remaining days; if serious accident occurs to the yacht or skipper during your rental period which meaning impossible to continue rental of the Yacht.
Skipper included
Yacht rental as paying crew of Duplexity includes skipper, which means you will have an extra onboard, sleeping in saloon or in cockpit. At the same time advantages are:
The Cyclades is a great sailing area, but some sailors may fear strong wind. In Cyclades “the Meltemi” is blowing sometimes at 20-35 knots, but with an Elan 450 Performance and an experienced skipper you could expect safe and a pleasurable sailing experience.
You don’t need to worry about docking in strong wind and/or narrow harbours.
You will have the opportunity to planning your trip with advice from skipper and latest wind fore cast.
You will have the opportunity to safely use large performance sails as Gennaker or Code 0 (when good conditions).
Normally guests make the choice to sail and navigate at the sea and skipper take over when time for docking or anchoring.
Inclusive harbour dues and diesel
If "Inclusive harbour dues" in contract, then it will include all harbour dues (including fee for tank water and electricity). In Croatia Marina, the fee for 45 foot is about € 80-130 per night, but in Greece mostly less expensive. It’s guests decision about choice of harbours but skipper could advice regarding to your plan of trip and weather forecast. "Inclusive harbour dues" also includes all fuel expenses, mainly diesel. Note, this is a special offer and normally not included in any yacht chartering. Advantages of "Inclusive harbour dues", beside no extra cost for guests, are less time for you to spend to find harbour master to pay fees and arrange card for water tap / electricity and it will also spare your time at return day to find a diesel truck. Hostess and other extra services are not included in the charter fee if not as optional in the contract.
Limited client liability
This yacht is chartered with skipper; meaning client liabilities are limited and not extended as chartering a bareboat. The crew (guest) is responsible for damage to the yacht caused by negligence or improper handling. Skipper has responsible for any damages caused by mooring, anchoring, weather and in most cases by navigation. See further at “Insurance & Liability” below.
Insurance & Liability
Pantaenius Insurance covers the yacht and for liability to third persons, not for personal (guests) injuries or personal belongings.
The yacht crew (guests) are recommended to sign travel insurance or most common included at your home insurance. 
Guests are not responsible for damage to the yacht caused by weather at any time, e.g. wind, waves or lightning.
Guests have no liability for the yacht been involved in collision or grounding.
Guests have no liability of damage to the yacht by collision or grounding caused during anchoring and mooring any time.
The crew (guest) is responsible for damage to the yacht caused by negligence or improper handling, for example dropping equipment over board, spilling red wine or oil that causes spots on teak or upholstery and not washable. We have all kind of detergent on board to remove stains so will hopefully not be an issue, but you need to handle sun oil with care when put it on your skin and not the teak deck. If insurance cover damage, the deductible is €650. Client is obliged to pay all charges for failures made him self regarding to above statements. No deposit is used but guests need to have coverage at bank account to pay up till €650 if charged due to above liability and client is obligated to pay with no delay, latest the day before returning day in the rental period. 
Security deposit
No deposit is required, client need to have coverage at bank account to pay up till €650 if charged of responsible damage, see “Insurance & Liability” above.
(At Charter Companies deposit is normally required at start off day of € 2000-2500).
Return of the yacht & Check in/out time
The crew (guest) don’t need to worry, it's the skipper to decide when and where to sail the last sailing day (=day before return day), but he will of course consider requests from crew (guests) and planning due to wind forecasts. 
If you compare, Yacht charter in general recommend you to return the yacht in the marina the night before the charter contract termination date. Normal change of rental period for charter yachts is check in Saturday at 17:00 and check out at Saturday 09:00. We could most probably extend your period with a few hours to meet your demand but will settle check in and check out time agreement later on. If you want to change check in/out day or time, ask for quote.
Cleaning above or below deck is not required, but all the dishes to be back in the cabinets when checking out. No extra fee for cleaning at check out, it’s included.